Easter C

Day: Easter C

Lectionary Passage: Luke 24:1-12

Scripture Focus: Luke 24:6

Object: Basket with several plastic eggs, jelly beans, and a rubber band

Preparation: Fill the basket with several plastic eggs with jelly beans inside, you may want to have enough for each child to take one home. Place one empty plastic egg in the basket – be sure you can easily identify this egg. Fill a small plastic egg with jelly beans and attach it to a rubber band. It is very important that this egg fit up your sleeve and is fully concealed. The key to the trick is simple: when you shake the empty egg with one hand, it will sound like it’s full of jelly beans because you have the egg up your sleeve. But when you shake it with the other hand, it will not make any sound, which allows you to reveal the empty egg.

Good morning everyone! Well, as you can see I’ve got a basket full of Easter eggs. I love Easter eggs, especially the surprise inside. (Pick up an egg with jelly beans inside and shake it) It sounds like this one is full of jelly beans. (Open the egg to reveal the jelly beans to everyone before putting it aside). 

(Pick up your empty egg) Of course, Easter isn’t really about eggs and and jelly beans (shake with the appropriate hand to make the jelly beans rattle). It’s about Jesus. It’s about the amazing truth that God became human just like me and you in order to save us (rattle the egg). On Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross and was buried in a tomb (rattle the egg). Some people probably thought that was the end of the story, but it wasn’t. (Transfer the egg to your other hand) On Easter morning, some of Jesus’ friends went to the tomb and discovered (shake the empty egg) it was empty. The stone was rolled away and Jesus was not there (open the empty egg). 

Jesus wasn’t there because God had raised him from the dead! On Easter we celebrate God’s amazing power and love. The empty tomb proves God wins!

Let’s pray together: Thank you God for sending Jesus Christ to love us. We are so glad the tomb was empty on Easter because that means your love wins! Amen.


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