Easter 6C

Day: Easter 6C

Lectionary Passage: John 14:23-29

Scripture Focus: John 14:25-26

Object: String tied around your finger

You know, it is really hard to remember things sometimes. That’s why I have a fool proof system for remembering stuff. You see, I also remember to tie a piece of string around my finger to remind me there’s something important I need to remember. The only problem is that I can’t always remember what that something important is. I guess my system for remembering things isn’t very good.

Luckily, Jesus gave us something much better than a piece of string to remember what he taught us. In our Bible story for today, Jesus tells us that God sent the Holy Spirit to help us remember all that Jesus said. The Holy Spirit does that in a lot of different ways, like helping teachers and preachers and each of us whenever we read the Bible. I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad we have the Holy Spirit instead of a silly string to help us remember about Jesus.

Let’s pray: God, we give you thanks for the Holy Spirit who helps us remember the really important stuff like Jesus and what he taught us. Amen.


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