Beyond Beauty Pageants – Special Note

If you are using Group’s Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School, as we are at North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, then I encourage you to omit the staged beauty pageant activity on day 2 of Bible Adventures. I am very concerned this was included in the activities because it has the potential to send the wrong message to young girls about the importance of beauty. Instead, I would hope that we would focus on Esther’s courage in a difficult situation as a valuable model for girls and boys.

I have omitted the staged beauty pageant from our VBS plans and I am urging other churches to do the same. I don’t think the omission takes away from the lesson and in fact may help to focus children on the greater meaning of Esther’s story.

May God’s peace be with us,
Danyelle Ditmer
author of
Associate Pastor
North United Methodist Church




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