Pentecost 2C

Day: Pentecost 2C

Lectionary Passage: Galatians 1:11-24

Scripture Focus: None

Object: None

How many of you know have watched Dora the Explorer? Then, I bet you know Swiper the Fox is the bad guy who tries to steal things that Dora needs to complete her quests. Another bad guy is the Joker. He’s always trying to do bad stuff like stealing and hurting people, but Batman always stops him. It’s hard to imagine Swiper the Fox or the Joker suddenly becoming good guys. I can’t see Swiper suddenly trying to help Dora with her quests or the Joker becoming best friends with Batman. No way!

But, that’s exactly the kind of thing that happened to a guy named Paul. Our Bible story for today is from a letter that Paul wrote to some of his friends. He explains how he used to be really bad guy. He was especially mean to Christians. He hated anyone who was friends with Jesus. He was a bad guy.

Then, something amazing happened. One day, Paul was on his way to a town called Damascus and he was thinking of all the ways he could be mean and cruel to Christians, when all of a sudden a bright light shone from Heaven and the voice of Jesus spoke to him. After that, Paul totally changed his ways. He was really sorry for all the bad things he had done and became a Christian. He spent the rest of his life serving Jesus and teaching people about him. He went from a bad guy to a hero!

So, remember, even when we’ve done really bad stuff like Paul, Jesus is still willing to be our friend. All we need to do is be sorry for the bad things and promise to be better.

Let’s pray: God, thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who never gives up on us even when we’ve done really bad stuff. Help us remember to always follow his way. Amen.


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