Proper 10C

Day: Proper 10C

Lectionary Passage: Colossians 1:1-14

Scripture Focus: None

Object: None

This morning I want you to imagine something pretty crazy for a minute. I want you to imagine a world without phones or computers. Now, if you want to share some news with someone who lived far away, how would you do it? You couldn’t call because there aren’t any phones and you couldn’t send an email without computers, so I guess you would have to send an old fashioned letter. The kind that you write out and send all the way to the other person even if it takes a long time to get there.

Well, that’s exactly what a guy named Paul did way back when people were just beginning to follow Jesus. In fact, Paul sent a whole bunch of letters to people and churches all over the place. Some of those letters are in the Bible. These letters have all kinds of information in them that help people know more about Jesus and to follow him.

Our passage for today is the start of a new letter that Paul sent to a group of people known as the Colossians. They were called that because that’s where they lived. So, if Paul was writing to us today, he would write a letter to the Hoosiers (insert appropriate regional name). Even though Paul lived far away from the Colossians, he was able to send them a letter to help them become friends with Jesus. And, since those letters are in the Bible, they can help us, too! That’s not too shabby for an old fashioned letter.

Let’s pray: God thank you for helping Paul to write all those letters to send to churches all over the place so that they would know how to follow Jesus. Help us remember to read those letters and learn from them, too. Amen.


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