Proper 18C

Day: Proper 18C

Lectionary Passage: Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

Scripture Focus: 139:1-6

Object: Binoculars (or use your hands in imitation of binoculars)

Note: This sermon works best when you can loom over the children like a big imposing presence

The first time I ever heard this Scripture passage I got really, really worried. I got a picture in my head that God was up in Heaven spying on my every move (dramatically look down on each child with your binoculars.) I felt like God was just waiting for me to do something wrong (pan the children with your binocular stare). So that God could bust me in the act! I did not like that idea at all.

But now I know that isn’t what this Scripture passage means at all. It does say that God watches over us every minute. But not because God wants to bust us doing something wrong. God watches over us because God loves us! That means we are never alone. God is always right there watching over us. That also means God knows us better than anyone else in the whole world. God knows when we are celebrating and when we’re having a bad day. No matter what is going on, God knows about it and we can trust that God still loves us.

Let’s pray: God we are so grateful that you watch over us. It is good to know you are always there and we can count on your love. Amen.


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