Proper 21C

Day: Proper 21C

Lectionary Passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-19

Scripture Focus: 1 Timothy 6:9

Object: Helium Balloon, Ziplock bag full of Coins, and clear fishing line

Preparation: Tie the clear fishing line to the helium balloon string. Then, tie the balloon string to the bag of coins so that the balloon is weighed down. During the sermon, you will cut the balloon string below the part tied to the clear fishing line so that as the balloon soars into the air you can hold on to it by the fishing line, which hopefully the children won’t notice.

This morning I’ve got this great balloon with me. Can you all see what is weighing it down? A bag full of money! The money is keeping the balloon stuck in the same place, dragged down by a heavy burden. And you know what? That can happen to us to.

Our Bible story for today warns us that we can get dragged down by money. We can get so caught up in being rich that we forget there are more important things than money. Like following Jesus. Just like this balloon, we can get stuck in one place because we’re weighed down. But, I wonder what happens when we cut our ties to money…. (cut the balloon string tied to the bag of money and let the balloon float into the air while holding onto the fishing line).

You see, when we are dragged down by money, we can’t soar to Heaven as followers of Jesus. It’s a good thing the Bible warns us about that trap so we can cut our ties and focus on being friends with Jesus.

Let’s pray: God, help us remember that things like money can drag us down so that we aren’t able to follow Jesus. Give us strength to cut those bad ties and soar after Jesus. Amen.


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