Proper 24C

Day: Proper 24C

Lectionary Passage: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5

Scripture Focus: 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Object: Card Trick Instructions and a Deck of Cards (you don’t actually learn the card trick)

Today, I want to dazzle you with my amazing talent! I’m going to perform a card trick. (Fan the deck of cards out) Now, pick a card, any card, from the deck…. don’t show me… memorize your card… now, place it back in the deck (shuffle the cards, make a big show of it). Now, I will reveal your card….. is this your card? (Look shocked when they say it isn’t the right card.) But, how can that be? I have the directions right here. See, they are right here (show the card trick directions to the kids). Of course, I didn’t actually read the directions. I just figured that having them was good enough but I guess that you actually have to learn how to do the trick before it will work.

And that reminds me of our Bible story for today. It is talking about learning the Bible and how when we learn the Bible then it can help us know how to follow Jesus. But, if you just let your Bible sit around and never read it or explore it or learn anything from it, then it doesn’t do any good. Kind of like these card trick directions, I can’t learn the trick if I don’t read the directions! Well, we can’t learn more about following Jesus if we don’t learn the Bible. So, let’s all remember to read the Bible every day and not let it just sit around and get dusty.

Let’s pray: God, thank you for giving us the Bible that teaches us everything we need to be good followers of Jesus. Help us remember to read it every day and learn all it has to teach. Amen.


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