Christ the King C

Day: Christ the King Sunday

Lectionary Passage: Colossians 1:11-20

Scripture Focus: Colossians 1:15-20

Object: Two or Three different hats (baseball, cowboy, fireman, etc.) and a Crown hidden inside a bag

This morning I’ve got some hats with me and I want you to guess who wears them. Okay, first one… (put on the cowboy hat). Who wears this kind of hat? A cowboy, exactly. Okay, what about this one… (put on the baseball cap)? A baseball player. You guys are good at this game. What about this hat… (put on the crown)? A king! Exactly. Kings wear crowns.

And there is a very special king that I want to tell you about: Jesus. And today is Christ the King Sunday. It’s a special day we set aside every year to celebrate that Jesus is the King of kings. That means Jesus is in charge of everything. But you know what Jesus wants to be in charge of the most? Your heart! Jesus wants to live in your heart and help you follow his way all your life. That means we can’t let other things rule our hearts. We can’t pick things like sports or sleeping in or scouts over Jesus. We’ve got to make Jesus the King of our hearts by putting him first in our lives.

Let’s pray: God, we give you thanks for your Son Jesus who loves us and loves the world. Help us remember to make Jesus the king of our hearts today and every day. Amen.


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