A New Direction


I am so grateful for all those who have found this blog helpful in ministry with children and I hope that it will continue to be useful in its new capacity. After three years of lectionary based children’s sermons, Little People Big Word will take a new direction. You will find period posts of lessons for children, which may be used in Sunday school, at a mid-week program, or in a special event. These lessons are free for all to use.

While I will not post any new children’s sermons, you can find a sermon for each day of the Christian calendar in the Table of Contents.

Thank you for your continued support as this blog heads in a new direction. I pray the resources I post here will continue to inspire a love and faithfulness in serving with children in ministry.


Take care,

Danyelle Ditmer

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2 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Thanks for all of your wonderful work! I know I’ve used your material many times and always found it helpful in teaching children about the “Word.”

  2. Danyelle

    I truly have enjoyed your posts these past years and used some of your comments and ideas in devotionals and sharing with others who might be going through a tough time personally.

    Thank you for the update and permission to carry on my personal ministry through some of your thoughts and postings.

    Blessings, Delores Thornsberry

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