Faith Builders 2.0

Faith Builders 2.0 Graphic

In January, I came across David Henderson’s incredible idea and lesson sequence to combine Bible stories with LEGO builds called “Faith Builders.” I loved the idea of engaging children through interactive lessons using something they already enjoy: LEGO bricks! But I knew I needed a more fully developed resource to make this work in ministry with children. So, I expanded on Henderson’s work to develop lesson plans for a one-room, 13-week fun, Bible-based program for classes with children ages 5 to 12 called “Faith Builders 2.0.”

Whether children in a combined class are age 4, 12, or anything in between, these 13 interactive lessons will help kids experience the wonder and adventure of the Bible. Each lesson has minimal preparation and includes a fun LEGO build. Lesson reproducibles compiled from public domain sites are also available to ease preparation and provide leaders with extra time activities (of course, kids could always build more with LEGO bricks!). With step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to teach children about God’s Word through creative play with LEGO bricks. Their lives will never be the same!

Complete Lesson Plans

Lesson Reproducibles


34 thoughts on “Faith Builders 2.0

  1. THIS is awesome!!! I’m thinking we may try to modify it for use as a VBS curriculum. Thank you SO much for putting this together and for making it available. What a blessing! Blessings and JOY, Paula Archdeacon

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Paula K. Archdeacon Hayesville United Methodist Church <

    "One filled with joy preaches without preaching." Mother Teresa

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rev. Paula K. Archdeacon Hayesville United Methodist Church <

    "One filled with joy preaches without preaching." Mother Teresa

  2. Great lessons I hope to use to fill in our summer program but the page 57 with the red and green building blocks on it comes out with two black blocks on the page.

      • Hi Danyelle: I did try again late last night and still get black boxes all filled in instead of the picture of the red and blue lego samples. For some reason my printer won’t pick up that one page. The next page with the yellow/orange lego patterns comes out great and I have all the rest of the program printed out but that one page just gives me problems. Thanks for your help and I am really looking forward to using this as our summer SS program.


  3. Danyelle,

    This is so neat. I am planning for the coming year and think this will be a perfect mid-week series for our 1st-3rd grade group. Thank you so much for your willingness to share! I’ll be sure to give you feedback on it. I think we’re going to use in Spring 2015 and even do the promo idea during advent!

  4. Thanks for the 2.0 lessons. Our church has hosted lego bible study now twice. It has been a huge hit and the children are loving Bible study in a new way!

  5. I’m really looking forward to using this awesome resource for our Summer Sunday School. I do have a quick question. Week 10 calls for 2X12 construction blocks and I can only find plates. Did anyone find the blocks somewhere? Or maybe someone has pictures?

    • Hi Nikki,

      The 2×12 LEGO brick is common in LEGO sets but any size brick would work as long as the label will fit on it. I actually used DUPLO bricks for my home version of this activity because they were so much easier to attach labels to — the LEGO bricks are skinny! I hope that helps.


  6. Hi, just curious about how many Legos you started with for Faith Builders. Also, where did you get your legos from? Our church is on a tight budget but I loved these lessons and wanted to implement them in our summer program.


    • Hi Katie

      Our church bought the education sets available on Amazon. These were much cheaper and gave us everything we needed. We did not allow the children to keep any LEGO bricks, which helped to lower costs. We discovered in the year since these were an incredible investment that we’ve used over and over again for free play, centers in children’s church, and modified activities for Sunday school.


      • We are excited to do this program this summer. Danyelle, I could use a little clarification. I am seeing an 884 piece lego education set – it claims to be suitable for 5 students. Is that how you budgeted your bricks? Thank you so much for the great resource (and Dr. Seuss is on our list for next year!)

      • Eek, sorry for my slow reply! That many bricks will go a lot farther than just five students and you will want some variety. The mini figures were the hardest part for us because I served a very diverse church and we wanted to be sure we had everything for the build. Here is what I ordered for 35 kids and we had more than enough:

        LEGO Education Wheels Set 4598357
        Qty: 2

        LEGO Education Doors, Windows & Roof Tiles Set 4587438
        Qty: 1

        LEGO Education Brick Set 4579793
        Qty: 3

        Community Minifigures Set 4598355
        Qty: 1

        LEGO Education Fairytale and Historic Minifigures Set 4598356
        Qty: 1

  7. I am very interested in using this. I am new volunteer children’s minister. Out church is on a shoe string budget to actually no budget. I think this would be fun. I am at a loss though on which leg is I need to get and the first one how to make the name tags. Sorry I guess my imagination is not working today. Is there any pictures?

    • Thanks for asking! I totally understand budget constraints and would encourage you to buy LEGO Education sets. These really give you the most for your money and are available on Amazon. Though the startup cost is a bit high, we have used the LEGO bricks over and over again since I wrote this curriculum and the children love when I surprise them with a LEGO build in Sunday school. 🙂

      For the nametages, we tried a few different things and in my revised edition (which I hope to post in early fall!), I rewrote this lesson because the original concept’s execution wasn’t great — the nametages were too big and too heavy to actually wear! Instead, I came up with the idea to use LEGO key rings ( and add a label with the child’s name on the back. The DIY version is to buy small LEGO base plates and hot glue a one-inch binder ring to the back and put the label on the base plate front.

      I hope that helps! Have fun.

  8. hello, I’m a missionary in Argentina and I was going to translate these lessons for my own purposes. If it all works out, could I also hand them out in Spanish to other missionary friends? If not I understand. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

    • Absolutely Rachelle! Please, use and translate anything on this site. I would love to have a copy of the translated work to post on the blog so others can use it. Thank you for your work for Christ. Cheers!

  9. We are starting up a new Sunday school class for the same ages!! I am beyond excited to sart this program. Thank you so much.

  10. Can I use your faith builders 2.0 image on a flyer to market for the new sunday school theme? Are kids are beyond thrilled to start this series!

  11. This looks amazing and I would love to incorporate it into our youth ministry. Is there a way I can get the plans and instructions emailed. It is not letting me click on it to download.

  12. Hi Danyelle

    Are there just 13 lessons? I just wanted to make sure that I have them all:) I’m going to use this for our next curriculum which will start in the new year!


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