Mailable Hug

Mailable Hug

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him won’t perish but will have eternal life. John 3:16

Serve: members of the congregation who may be homebound or have lost a spouse since last Valentine’s Day

Connect: age children will easily connect with the giving of Valentines and how they feel when they receive a hug from a loving caregiver; challenge kids to think about people who may feel lonely or sad receiving a “mailable hug” to wrap around them and know someone loves them


  • card stock
  • Poem printed onto 1/2 sheet of card stock (printable):
    I made this great big hug just for you,
    To share God’s love, it’s true.
    Wrap it around you, all snug and tight,
    Hold it with all your might!
    For Valentine’s Day and all the year,
    God loves you – that’s reason to cheer!
    John 3:16
  • envelopes
  • yarn
  • jumbo ink pads
  • white heavy paper
  • hand washing supplies
  • markers
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • mailing labels for recipients


  • have a child hold one end of the yarn while it is stretch across to the other hand, cut
  • use jumbo ink pads to make one set of hand prints per child
  • wash hands
  • cut out the handprints, no need to cut around fingers
  • use clear tape to secure each end of the yarn to one of the handprints
  • give each child a card and have them write their first name
  • put the card and mailable hug into an envelope
  • seal the envelope
  • attach one of the mailing labels
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