Nativity Bracelets

Nativity Bracelets

The first Christmas with a new congregation is always exciting as we work together to learn, share, and blend traditions to create a meaningful worship for all. For my part, I wanted to help create special aspects of the worship service that were child friendly. I decided to create a nativity bracelet kit to give to children to work on during the sermon.

The bracelet proclaims the good news of Jesus the Christ’s birth. Each bead on the bracelet represents a part of the story with a printed card that tells a poetic version of the story. All the pieces are packaged in sandwich size ziplock bags with simple instructions to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner, and twist the ends to create a bracelet.

I hope children will delight in their own special gift during Christmas Eve worship to remember and celebrate the greatest gift of all — Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!




  • downloadable poem printed four to page onto heavy paper
  • sandwich size ziplock bags
  • brown or black pipe cleaner
  • pony beads
  • star beads
  • jungle bells
  • propeller beads (or any other style than pony beads)


  • cut the cards printed four to page
  • put a card into a sandwich size resealable bag
  • add the following to each:
    • 1 white pony bead
    • 1 blue pony bead
    • 1 brown pony bead
    • 1 grey pony bead
    • 1 green pony bead
    • 1 purple pony bead
    • 3  propeller beads
    • 1 jingle bell
    • 1 star bead
    • 1 pipe cleaner
  • close the bag tightly


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