One Form to Rule Them All

lord of the rings

I hate filling out forms. And if you’re being honest, you do too. When someone hands us a form to fill out, he or she might as well be stabbing us in the heart. And we’re left there wondering, “Why do I have to fill this out?” It just feels like needless work.

Yet, we all know in ministry with children and families, forms are necessary. They are one of the only opportunities to gain updated family contact information, like new email addresses and cell phone numbers, not to mention legal releases for things like transportation and pictures.

But, how many forms do we really need? My suggestion: One. One form developed with care and consultation can do the work of all those other forms clogging up your time in ministry with families.

The one form is designed for a whole family. It includes information for each child as well as legal releases and medical information. It is kept on file in the church office and additional copies are kept with the staff or lay leaders for events and trips.

I’ve uploaded this form as a Word document for you to easily adapt to your congregation. Be sure to check with your legal folks before using it to ensure it complies with your context’s needs.

May this one form to rule them all free you from the labor of administration to joyfully serve God’s kingdom!

Peace of Christ,


click here to download the form


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