The Church’s Got Talent

Summer is an amazing time in ministry with children to offer something new during Sunday school. This summer, why not combine learning about the Bible with building intergenerational relationships? It’s called “The Church’s Got Talent.”

This fun, faith-based, friendship-building program invites adults in the congregation to share with children their hobbies and talents. Each week adults will:

    • share a little about themselves
    • read a Scripture verse related to their hobby or talent
    • tell kids about their hobby or talent
    • share a story, examples, or demonstration
    • lead a related activity with children

The beauty of “The Church’s Got Talent” is that new friendships are formed as adults, especially older adults, serve in ministry with children. By sharing about themselves and inviting children into their lives through their hobby and talent, these adults are forming important, life-giving, faith-building relationships.

“The Church’s Got Talent” is a program for everyone in your congregation. You will find great joy in discovering the hidden hobbies and talents within your church and using those as a springboard to build friendships between young and old.

If you get stuck on a Scripture reference, please reach out to your pastor for ideas. Also, try looking at it from a different perspective, like how does this hobby or talent serve God or bring joy to others, or does it requires qualities like discipline, knowledge, and creativity, and then search the Scriptures for verses reflective of those aspects. For example, connecting golf with Colossians 3:23 because the adult leader often played in golf fundraisers for missions — playing golf with a heart for the Lord. 

You can download a sample list of ideas for “The Church’s Got Talent” complete with Scripture verses and activities, but please don’t let this curb your congregation’s creativity! Activity instructions can be found on my Pinterest Board.

I hope this program blesses your congregation this summer!


One thought on “The Church’s Got Talent

  1. I am always looking for inter-generational ways to bring our congregation together. This will be an invitation that will go out in our April and May newsletters. Thank you!

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