Worship Bags

Worship is a time for families to draw closer in their relationship with God and grow together in faith. But sitting through a full worship service with young children isn’t without its challenges. We all have restless days and fussy moments, and sometimes the sermon does go on a little too long, but when prepared, children can rise to the occasion. One of my favorite tools for church with children is a worship bag.

Just about any bag will work to create worship bags for your congregation but ccanvas bags offer durability, and they come in fun colors.Children’s worship bulletins are an excellent foundation for worship bags. They engage children with age-appropriate activities that teach fundamental Scripture truths. The rest of the pack includes amemo-size clip board, several sheets of scrap paper, crayons, pencil, and pipe cleaner. The latter is one of my favorite things to add because it’s a cheap and fun fidget that kids love! On special occasions and holy days, it’s fun to include simple crafts in the bags.

It’s important to find a creative way to make the worship bags accessible to kids, like achildren’s coat stand or a basket on the floor. Easy access is a tangible sign of genuinely welcoming children in worship, even to the point that they can get their materials.

A tip on crayons: Ditch the box. The dollar tree sells two-pack, lock top, snack containers that perfectly fit a 24-pack of crayons. The lock tops are easy for little hands to open and close and the crayons get back in the container rather than all over the bottom of the bag.

Worship bags for children are a small way congregations can come alongside families to support them in growing together in faith.

easy access & 24 crayons neatly stored


2 thoughts on “Worship Bags

  1. I love the colorful bags and the coat rack stand for display. I’m curious about amounts of bags, items that various churches use/provide. I usually prepare for at least 30 children in worship each Sunday morning. I have been hesitant to include things like box of 24 of crayons, but maybe I’m being too frugal?

    • At my current appointment, we prepare about 24 bags each week but I’ve been in churches where we’ve had as many as 75 prepared each Sunday, so cost is a factor. I think good stewardship is always important! I buy crayons one time of year – back to school sales. At $0.25/each, I can load up on 24 packs for the year while still being a good steward of church money. Week to week, these bags have very little cost.

      These bags have been honed over ten years and three congregations. And lots of trial and error! I found that less was more and picked quality items to address specific needs, like fidgeting.

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