Advent 3A

Day: Advent 3A

Lectionary Passage: Isaiah 35:1-10

Scripture Focus: Isaiah 35:8-9

Object: None

Good morning everyone! Today is the third Sunday of Advent. That means we are halfway through our journey to Christmas. We are continuing to learn more from the prophet Isaiah. In today’s lesson, he tells us that God is a preparing a highway for all those who love God. It’s called the “Holy Way.”

We can picture the “Holy Way” a lot like (provide the name of a major highway in your area that children are sure to know). But it’s also different. Isaiah says no one will get lost on God’s highway or run into trouble. You can’t say that about (name the highway in your area)! The best news of all is that this highway doesn’t go from (name where  the highway in your area begin and end or a section of it the kids will be familiar with). God’s highway doesn’t take you places on earth. It takes you into a friendship with God. And the longer you travel on God’s highway, the stronger your friendship with God becomes.

My hope is that all of us here will choose to travel the “Holy Way” because it will take us from wherever we are into a friendship of love with God.

Let’s pray: Almighty God, we give you thanks for the birth of your Son Jesus Christ who made possible the Holy Way so that all of us might know you. Help us to be faithful travelers on your highway. Amen.