Simple Bird Feeder


Look at the birds in the sky. They don’t sow seed or harvest grain or gather crops into barns. Yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Matthew 6:26

Serve: birds (and squirrels!)

Connect: most children don’t need too much help to notice the changes spring brings with it’s longer and warmer days, and in many areas of the world, the reappearance of birds after the winter; help children consider ways we can care for birds just as God has cared for all animals by creating a simple bird feeder; challenge children to especially think about ways it may be difficult for birds to find food in more areas where nature has been overrun by urban development


  • toasted oat cereal
  • pipe cleaners


  • thread toasted oat cereal onto pipe cleaners, leaving a little space at each end
  • carefully bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a circle and twist the ends to create the first loop
  • repeat the threading process with a second pipe cleaner
  • connect the shapes by looping them inside one another and twist the ends of the second loop closed
  • repeat until you have a nice chain to hang outside

Earth Day B

Day: Earth Day B (Easter 3B)

Lectionary Passage: Not Applicable

Scripture Focus: Genesis 1:26

Object: Bathtub fish toy

Preparation: You will need a gallon milk jug, permanent marker, and a box cutter. Begin by turning the milk jug onto its side so that the handle is at the top. Then, with the marker draw a mouth shape on the base of the jug and extending it part way up the sides. With the box cutters, cut along the lines creating a wide mouthed scoop. Finish by adding eyes and a fin. TIP: If you find sharp edges where the mouth was cut, then use an emery board to file them down.

In the very beginning of the Bible, we learn that God choose us to be caretakers of the earth. Just like good moms and dads take care of you (the kids) we should take care of the earth. That means we need to love God’s creation and not hurt it.

One thing we can do is to recycle. Recycling means taking things you have finished using and making brand new stuff with them.

See here, I’ve got an empty plastic milk jug. Now, I could throw in the garbage and send it to a landfill someplace. But that wouldn’t be taking care of God’s creation. Instead, I decided to recycle it…

(very dramatic presentation)… to make a cool new bathtub toy!

You see instead of throwing this away and hurting God’s wonderful earth, I made something brand new out of it. And it’s super fun to play with!

When we recycle we are helping God take care of the earth.

Let’s pray: Creator God, thank you for this beautiful earth. Help us each day remember to take care of creation. Amen.