Christ the King A

Day: Christ the King Sunday

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 25:31-46

Scripture Focus: Matthew 25:32-33

Object: Team logo signs

Preparation: You will need to print out both team logo signs. If you are United Methodist, you may want to choose the sheep logo with the cross and flame. Click Here for Team Logos

This morning I want to tell you about two teams and then you get to pick which team you want to join. The teams are called the Sheep and the Goats (reveal the team logos).

The Goats go to church and say they follow Jesus. But they don’t like to help people who are hungry, and they don’t give clothes to people who need them, and they never visit people who are sick because germs are gross!

The Sheep also go to church and believe in Jesus. They love to help other people. They feed people who are hungry. They give clothes to people who have none. And they visit people who are sick because they want to comfort them. God is very pleased with the Sheep.

Now that you know about the two teams, I want you to stand up and pick the team you want to be one: The Goats who say they follow Jesus but don’t like others. Or the Sheep Team who believe in Jesus and love others. (Let the kids pick and if they seem confused, help guide them to the Sheep Team.)

I’m so pleased you picked the Sheep Team! That is the team Jesus loves! As members of this team we need to remember to love other people by helping them in any way that we can because that’s exactly what Jesus wants us to do.

Let’s pray: Thank you God for sending Jesus to teach us to love other people and to reach out to them and care for them so that we don’t just say we believe in Jesus but we really live it. Amen.