Christmas 1A

Day: Christmas 1A

Lectionary Passage: Isaiah 63:7-9

Scripture Focus: Isaiah 63:9

Object: Timer, whiteboard and marker (or similar objects to make a list)

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day celebration. But did you know, it is still Christmas? Christmas lasts for 12 whole days! Of course, we have the big celebration on December 25 when Jesus was born, but there is still so much to give thanks for because God has done so much for us! We can’t possibly fit it all into one day.

This morning, I thought we would play a quick game of “count your blessings.” I got this idea from Isaiah who tells us to “recount the gracious deeds of the Lord.” Isaiah wants us to remember all the good things God has done for us. So, let’s see how many blessings we can think of to write on this board in 30 seconds. Ready, set, go… (allow the kids to share blessings as you write as many as possible on the whiteboard). Wow, in only 30 seconds, we were able to think of a lot of things to be thankful for. God has done some truely amazing things for us! We are blessed people.

I hope you will always remember to give thanks for all God has done and to count your blessings, the gif tof Jesus being at the very top of the list! When we count our blessings each and every day it helps us remember that we have a lot more to be thankful for than we have to worry about. I hope you will remember to tell others all the blessings God has shared with you and to never forget to be thankful for God’s love.

Let’s pray: Loving God, you are the giver of all good things. We are blessed by the birth of your Son Jesus Christ and give thanks for all you have given to us. Help us to always count our blessings. Amen.


Advent 2A

Day: Advent 2A

Lectionary Passage: Isaiah 11:1-10

Scripture Focus: Isaiah 11:1-5

Object: Stock photos of different people

Welcome boys and girls. It’s so great to see you all this morning. I wonder if you can help me with something. I brought several pictures with me and I am searching for creative ways to describe each person. This is a picture of (name first person pictured). What are some things we can say to describe her/him? (Allow the children to provide answers, perhaps describing clothing, features, etc.). Wow, you guys are really good at this, let’s try another… (you can do the same thing for one or two more pictures to make clear the message that we often describe people by their outward appearance or clothing). Awesome job describing all kinds of different things about these people.

That reminds me of our Scripture passage today from Isaiah. It describes the Messiah who is going to be born on Christmas Day. Of course, we know that is Jesus, but I wonder how Isaiah describes him? Let’s read (read the descriptive words only) spirit of wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and love of God, and he will wear a belt of faithfulness and righteousness. Well that’s a really different way to describe someone! It doesn’t say anything about what Jesus looks like or the kind of clothes he wears. Instead, Isaiah is describing the way Jesus will act and treat others. It’s much more important for us to know Jesus will be wise and understanding, he will help others, love God, and always be faithful and righteous.

Isaiah wanted everyone to know the promised Messiah, Jesus, was a very special person who was worthy of our worship and praise.

Let’s pray: Holy God, we tie you thanks for sending your Son Jesus Christ. Help us to learn more about him in the days leading up to his birth on Christmas. Amen.

Pentecost 10A

Day: Pentecost 10

Lectionary Passage: Matthew 16:13-20

Scripture Focus: Matthew 16:15-17

Object: None

Good morning! Today’s Bible story is about something really important. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important passages in the whole New Testament because it tells us exactly who Jesus really is. Are you ready to find out?!

Okay, first we learn that Jesus is the Messiah. Can you say that word with me? Messiah. Great job! Jesus is the Messiah means Jesus is the one who comes to save us from all the bad stuff we’ve done. And that’s really good news!

The second thing we learn is that Jesus is the Son of God. Whoa! Jesus is the Son of God. That means Jesus isn’t just a regular guy like you and me. He is special and one of a kind. He is God’s only Son. And God sent Jesus so that Jesus could help you and me.

So whenever someone asks us who is Jesus, we can tell them two things, let’s count on our fingers as we say them together: One, Jesus is the Messiah and Two, Jesus is the Son of God. Awesome job!

Let’s pray: Thank you God for sending your Son to save us. Help us remember to share with others that he is the Messiah. Amen.